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Product Name Description Price
AM/FM Variable Condenser Black (2pcs)- Tuning capacitor used in the electric circuits of radios
- Sold in sets of 2 pieces
₱ 115.00
RCA Jack 2P PCB Mount Black (5pcs)- RCA Jack 2P
- Sold in sets of 5 pieces
₱ 75.00
RCA Plug with Wire Protector (6pcs)- Sold in sets of 6 pieces₱ 30.00
RCA Plug Gold with Spring Protector 10mm (2pcs)- Higher quality RCA Plug
- Sold in sets of 2 pieces
₱ 40.00
Banana Jack Solder Type Black & Red (10pcs)- Jack connectors used for joining wires to equipment
- Sold in sets of 10 pieces
₱ 100.00
Binding Post 12mm Black & Red (4pcs)- Connector used on electronic test equipment
- Sold in sets of 4 pieces
₱ 75.00
Rubber Footing Black (12pcs)- Put underneath equipment for protection
- Diameters: 21-26mm
- Height: 12mm
₱ 90.00